The Pharmacist's Information Resource
The Pharmacist's Information Resource
for validating Prescription Paper Security Features
Dedicated to the Prevention of Unauthorized Script Duplication and Modification
Micro Format is a manufacturer of Document Security Paper Products.

Facts and Limitations relative to
Document Security Paper Features

  • "Hidden Message VOID technology" does not work 100% of the time on 100% of copiers (standard and color copiers) and scanners.

  • To make the void appear, often the pantograph is printed where by the "VOID" may be seen lightly in the background on the original.

  • When a prescription pad is cut using a guillotine cutter from the four-up sheet on which it was printed, the distance from the edge of the sheet to the White Reverse Rx may vary slightly.

  • When printing with an offset press, depending upon ink flow, the intensity of the blue color may vary between production runs as well as within the same production run.

  • A slight variation in the intensity of the colored background will impact of how the hidden message will appear when copied.

  • The manufacturers of high quality copiers such as Xerox and Canon are in the business of making "accurate copies," exact reproductions of an original. Should the "VOID" appear, the copy is no longer an "exact" reproduction. Rather it is a "bad copy."

At Micro Format, Document Security Paper is our business …

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